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In the unique climate of Arizona, where aridity poses challenges to maintaining a thriving backyard, drip line systems emerge as an essential component for homeowners looking to elevate their outdoor spaces. Here's why investing in drip line systems is crucial, especially when complementing artificial turf and pavers:

Water Conservation in the Arid Landscape: 

Arizona's arid conditions demand a water-wise approach. Drip line systems excel in water efficiency by delivering precise amounts of water directly to the root zones of plants. This targeted irrigation minimizes water wastage and ensures optimal hydration, addressing the need for conservation in a region where water is a precious resource.

Thriving Flora Amidst Aridity:

With artificial turf and pavers forming integral parts of Arizona landscapes, maintaining the health of surrounding plants becomes paramount. Drip lines play a pivotal role in sustaining plant life by providing consistent and adequate moisture. This is especially crucial for plants coexisting with artificial turf and pavers, creating a harmonious balance in your backyard oasis.

Aesthetic Harmony and Cohesive Design:

Beyond their functional benefits, drip line systems contribute to the visual appeal of your outdoor space. When seamlessly integrated with artificial turf and pavers, these systems ensure a cohesive design that enhances the overall aesthetic of your backyard. The result is a well-balanced and visually pleasing landscape that combines the beauty of artificial elements with the vibrancy of living plants.

Why Homeowners Should Choose Drip Line Systems:

  • Efficiency: Minimize water usage while maximizing the health of your plants.

  • Sustainability: Contribute to water conservation efforts in Arizona.

  • Visual Appeal: Achieve a picturesque backyard with a harmonious blend of turf, pavers, and thriving plants.

Our Process: 

When we meet with homeowners we typically recommend that they meet with a nursery to pick out the plants that best fit their desired aesthetic / needs. Turf Time AZ will more often then not pick up the plants from the nursery on the day of installation. The project manager will then meet with the homeowner to make sure the plants are planted exactly where the homeowner wants them. 

Meet with our turf design team today to get a free estimate! 

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